Press kit

Joseph Arnold Orchestra Press Kit |  Includes pictures, artist's biography, sample press release, and logo

An iconic sound is newly emerging from the neighborhoods of Philadelphia: lush violins played with soulful grooves and beats. Hearkening back to the "Philadelphia Sound" of 1970's R&B, the Joseph Arnold Orchestra uses violins and cellos to weaves grooves and percussive techniques to create sweeping, compelling music. 

NPR Tiny desk concert

Members of the Joseph Arnold Orchestra play Joseph's composition, "Farewell," in NPR's 2016 Tiny Desk Concert contest.


For more information on Joseph Arnold, violinist and composer, the Joseph Arnold Orchestra, and performance bookings please call Joseph Arnold or use the form below:
c. (202)304-9278
His music fills a longing you may not have even known was there.”

— Joy R., Philadelphia, PA

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In a world where orchestras and strings-playing is often seen as stodgy and dated, the Joseph Arnold Orchestra stands out as an exception. The Joseph Arnold Orchestra uses a variety of percussive techniques not usually found in the Classical repertoire to mimic the sounds of drum-sets.

Extremely moving, inspirational, and joyfully complex - I am always eager for more from Joseph.”

— Judy N.

New release!

Three new songs are now available, produced by Joseph Arnold and award-winning producer, Michael Nelson Rizzo. These were recorded at world-class studio, Forge Recording by John Legend's string engineer, Jeff Chestek, and mastered by Nashville-based sound engineer, Baeho "Bobby" Shin.

  • ​"Farewell"
  • "Buttermilk Biscuits"
  • "Mr. Grim"

Joseph Arnold, violin  
Elizabeth Cary, violin  
Rachel Massey, violin  
Russell Kotcher, violin  
Lorenzo Raval, viola  
Jennifer Boorum, viola  
Thomas LaForgia, cello  
Mirjam Ingolfssohn, cello  
Jordan Berger, bass

Recording day, July 2016

Recording day, July 2016

At once totally unique and completely accessible, Joseph's music fills a unique niche for those who love the sound of violins but who don't normally listen to Classical music. 

The Joseph Arnold Orchestra plays arrangements of modern pop, rock, and funk songs that gets audiences dancing in their chairs. Whereas a lot of modern music written for orchestras is widely seen as inaccessible and dissonant, Joseph's groove-based compositions have been described as "timeless," "effortless," and "heart-breaking."